The past two months have been the most stressful and busiest months of my design/dayjob/photography career. However, some definite good and great results came out of it. I was hired by MetalBlade Records Inc. to shoot/edit a debut music video for a band out of Cincinnati called “Rose Funeral” that involved extras, actors, props and one huge abandoned church. All in that time I was producing a short film for my dayjob, sort of a day in the life documentary for our people out on the road. The best thing to come out of this whole stressful situation is that I was able to upgrade my Nikon body, from a D5000 to a D7000, which is a major upgrade. I had to learn the camera back and forth in one day, before I left out of town to film the music video AND short film. Also, I purchased and learned the art of the stedi-cam and let me tell you there is a INSANE learning curve to those things, I still haven’t mastered the technique. All in all the filming went well and we got what we needed. The short film was edited, rendered and premiered last Friday to a crowd of 150, it received an awesome response and I believe I got a couple of future clients out of it. The music video is still in the approval stage, but I think once all is said and done, it’s going to be a killer. Now that September has come and gone I’m seeing the light at the end of the “video world” tunnel and I am super happy to get back into still photography again. Right out of the gate, I was given the opportunity to capture some stills with my new Nikon body. Newborn photography is tough, so is wildlife photography or shooting animals of any kind. When asked to put the two together, impossible right? It took some time, but I think I was able to nail it, with the help of some tasty actions from Brett Jarnigan.