Where do I start? What an incredible and exciting day it was for me yesterday. It felt like the start of something great. Brett Jarnagin has been a inspiration ever since I first saw his photos several weeks ago. Around that time I found out he was coming to Louisville, KY for his “Flashfire Workshop”. I told myself I need to do that, but just didn’t think it could work out. Well, low and behold I got the opportunity and it exceeded my expectations. Not only was Brett a laid back guy, he is a fantastic photographer and well, knows his stuff.

Getting down and dirty is just how I do it, when I go shooting, I’m gonna do anything I can to get the shot hence the name “Dirty Cheese”. I usually walk out of shoots either completely drenched in sweat or covered in dirt from head to toe. I tend to spend the majority of a photoshoot on the ground! This shoot was certainly no exception and I myself ended up being a model because of it. Brett loved it and hey, I was glad they appreciated the passion I have for this art and it was great to get some laughs out of it too.

Anyway, I left the workshop feeling accomplished and a renewed sense of “Hey, I can do this”. Now, looking back at my portfolio, I just want to take it all down, but I know you gotta start somewhere! I also am now 100% convinced, I don’t think need or really want to give all my money to Paul C. Buff(studio lights), I just need a few speedlights, power packs, good stands and I can accomplish exactly what I want and more. Easy, portable and lots of drama. The workshop left us completely open to creativity and the chance to really explore lighting options and I don’t feel I even scratched the surface on what is possible with lighting. I’m really excited to dive into this type of photography more and more. Edgy portraiture.

Most of the shots below we’re used with three speedlights and generally the same camera settings. All ISO 200, apeture between f/8 and f/16, shutter 1/200, speedlights at ½ power in manual mode.