So, yesterday I was browsing through a couple editions of Shutterbug, the photography magazine and came across a small, very small, exert on light painting. The process of opening up your shutter and then taking a LED or flashlight and waving it around frantically like your at a rave. In turn, it creates an amazing display of firework looking light i.e. light painting. So I went back into my studio and start messing around, soon enough, I had it down. Shutter; 1/13, aperture; f/22, ISO 200. I had my room mate stand in, I took my SB-800 speedlight of to the left side, silver reflector on the right, pressed down the shutter button then waved a flashlight, an iPhone and a LED headlamp. Here is we’re the results, needless to say, this is a ton of fun and I really can’t wait to do more. I’ll probably be doing this a lot, with a lot of experimentation. Can’t wait to share!