I’ve been really excited about this particular shoot for sometime now. I did a lot of preparation and I’m really proud of the results. We shot on location at the Vernon Club in Louisville, KY, our model was Blythe Shadburne. She asked us to do portraits for an upcoming burlesque competition in New Orleans. I really hope these photos help her achieve her goals! With the help from my assistant photographer Chris, I was able to capture the hard light and deep shadows by using two strobes, a softbox and a fill light. I wanted hard light, dramatic light, nothing soft or filling. I used an remote SB-800 with an umbrella and a remote SB-600 for dramatic lighting/background lighting. I kept a low ISO, a high aperture and a fast shutter speed. Most shots we’re ISO 200, f/22, 1/200. I really did a lot of experimentation and below are some of the shots I got. Thanks to our model Blythe for a job well done and The Vernon Club for opening their doors to us!