Quality is something we look for in all aspects of life. Whether albeit people, places or products, I strive to pursue a level of virtue in my line of work. I require a level of durability, character and function to implement any equipment into my workflow. While I’ve aligned with some of the best companies on the planet to produce quality photographs for my clients, many companies have gone above and beyond to manufacture a product worth fighting for. ViewSonic is one of those companies.

As a photographer, light and color is so important. And, it’s important I see light and color to how it’s truly meant to be seen, just as I see it on the back of my camera or on the tether workstation. There is always joy in knowing you’ve nailed the shot and it’s critical I pass that same joy onto my clientele who have invested into that image. ViewSonic and their brand new line of VP monitors have allowed me to see imagery in an entirely new light. With the help of the X-Rite i1 Display Pro, I’m able to preserve color consistency and retain shadow density from capture to print.

The majority of my work will end up in pages of print, whether that be a magazine, newspaper or billboard, it’s imperative that what I see on the monitor is what I’ll see in final print. The ViewSonic VP2771 monitor is a 27” beautiful WQHD workspace with edge to edge ergonomic design that allows me to adjust to work with both horizontal and vertical format photographs. The IPS Technology eliminates any distractions such as glare or inconsistent brightness levels from various vantage points and when it comes to the post-process, I can rely on this quality product to deliver a clear, unfailing render of my photography.

The ViewSonic VP2468 monitor is a 24” high-definition workspace that acts as a vital viewing station for my clientele on location and in the studio. Similar to the VP2771, the edge to edge construction is a clean platform, free of distractions. With the help of my friends at Tether Tools, we have created the ultimate tethering workstation, so that each image I capture is a solid representation of the final product; a stunning way to see the all hard work come to life, live.

Visual impact is everything. I rely on quality tools to deliver impact and ViewSonic has developed a product that I can stand by and depend on through the long days, late nights and quiet mornings. It has provided an additional avenue for success and that is worth its weight in gold.