It’s been a busy few weeks and it’s only heating up. As a freelancer I spend much of my time doing editorial and commercial work for publications and clients regionally. I don’t tend to shoot many events, nevertheless, one of my favorite things to shoot is runway. I suppose it’s the thrill of the moment with the chance that you may capture that perfect expression or walk. Fortunately, I’ve got it down to a pretty hard science and when I show up to shoot runway; after a quick gauge of lighting, I can lock in and start snapping the shutter. Following the models steps and using the beat of the music to adapt to the models walk has helped with capturing a better image. About 5 minutes into the show, you learn when the model hits the light perfectly. Instead of spraying and praying, I have a more calculated approach to runway which has greatly cut down my number of shots. I used to walk away from shows with 1000+ images now its only a couple of hundred. When I was offered the opportunity to shoot the Younger Women’s Club Fall Into Fabulous Fashion Show, I’m jumped at it and made it happen.

Derby isn’t quite here yet, but this fall fashion taste has gotten me quite excited for the new year and more importantly Derby 140 and all the fashion that comes with it. 

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