A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from a mutual friend to setup and shoot a calendar for their motorcycle club, basically babes on bikes. It was late notice so the first shoot would be only one bike and one model, nevertheless, I was stoked to have the opportunity. The day arrived and I then I received a text from Joey Goldsmith of N|Visible Photography to assist on one of his fashion shoots. I was all about it, however, I knew it would be a very long day. I got to Wick’s Pizza(location of the calendar shoot) in New Albany, IN at noon and setup. An SB-800 speedlight on a eye-level stand as well as a SB-600 with the wide-flash adapter down on a low stand, both remote. I really played with composition and strobe setup, as well as lenses. With 3 different lens options in my camera bag I made a point to use them all, but the majority of the best shots came from my 18-55mm. I got dirty, I was all over the place, on the ground, in the road just to capture the right angle. I’ve never shot a motorcycle, let alone a model on one, so directing the model into certain positions was tricky, but in the end it worked out and I captured some great shots. After a couple of hours on the shoot, packed up and headed of to the fashion shoot later that day with Mr. Goldsmith. Which was a great experience, gained a lot of knowledge, meet some new people, handed out some business cards and at 11pm headed home.