Honestly, it was a goal. If the creator of the James Bond series, Ian Fleming took a glance at my “Bond Girl - A Portrait Series” and gave a smile or sparked a idea, my goal was reached. I sort of kept it in the back of my mind the entire time I was preparing, shooting and editing. WWFD.

It all started with a small idea and just spawned into something amazing. Again I can’t express my thanks to all the beautiful models, my assistants and MUA Scooter Ray. Such a great team and a pleasure to work with. It was so much fun.

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So the series has almost come to an end. And I’m really happy with the response I’ve been getting. I hoped I turned some heads and inspired a few smiles. I can only hope this will be the push into the market I need. I have a lot of great things in the works, including my next concept which I hope to stir some controversy and exploit some things that are wrong with the current world we live in.

I will post on my experience on the final Bond Girl “Violet Lovejoy” played by Irene Mukibi and my challenges shooting and the post production process, it’s worth a full blog post.