Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what I do with my time or what I do for a living. I have my hands in a lot of things; marketing, graphic design, art direction, filmmaking and photography. Some days present completley opposite adventures, and I love every minute. This past weekend I arose at 8:00am to prepare myself for some football and fashion. I started the morning in the press box at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium assisting Chris Humphreys with The Voice-Tribune and his ongoing project to create the ultimate gigapixel stadium image.

We decided to tailgate for awhile then return to the press box to setup the Gigapan to shoot 1,300 images that would eventually become one. By kickoff we let the device work its magic and headed down to the sidelines. I was thrilled, I not only felt like a special VIP, but I also felt like a dream was being fulfilled. I had always wanted to be on the sidelines of a big game or event and this was it.

It was refreshing to jump into a different style of photography and really be completely out of my element. I learned from others quickly and did my best to capture all the action. Shooting football isn’t easy. You lose sight of the ball quickly and unless you have a long telephoto lens, you have to constantly move from position to position. The results weren’t as good as I had hoped, but I certainly gave it an old college try.

Once the game was over and we had our Gigapixel image shot, we hightailed it out of the stadium. Ignoring the red sunburn and sweat, I grabbed a quick change of clothes and headed downtown to the Skyrise Fashion Show at the Muhammad Ali Center. 

I walked in to a plethora of familiar faces and smiles, I felt like I was home. I setup and prepared to shoot the evening, but realized I was extremely early. At this point, the sunburn started to get to me and I felt like a heater burning up the room. I took my seat in a chair and sat down to relax and cool down. I love to shoot fashion shows, I can almost feel the same adrenaline that the models feel as they walk down the runway. There is a slight connection when the model glances towards my lens. Its very graceful and sometimes intense. Once the show began, a switch went off and I was into it. Luckily, there was some liquid courage provided.

It was a good first show for Anu and partners. She really made me feel special as my logo was on the step and repeat and I even had my own chair. I’m looking forward to seeing what SkyRise can bring to the Louisville fashion community.

Earlier in the day, Chris and I were discussing our respective jobs in the industry and photography. I think both of us are constantly amazed at the opportunities we’ve been given. And under 30 years of age, it’s humbling to even be able to get to do any of this, then make some form of living from it. For those that made this past Saturday possible, thank you.