I’m always very eager to write and share my experiences. At this point, I usually start off with a simple “where do I begin?”. But, never before have I been at such a loss for words. When I started this project, I knew it would be extraordinary and a lot of hard work, but its surpassed all my expectations and its been one of the most shining moments in my life. And, I’ve never worked so hard. I’ve played music in front of 12,000 people, I’ve won awards, I’ve meet some amazing people, but this… trumps it all. Sitting at “Runway For The Roses”, as the intro played, we had reached the climax of the project, thinking back, it nearly brought me to tears. I’m incredibly proud of what Antonio Pantoja, Gunnar Deatherage, Andrew Kim and myself accomplished with the help from a large majority of the Louisville, KY creative community. 

From the repressed age of the twenties to the fashionable fifties housewife to the liberated seventies disco dance then finally to the future, complete independence. It began with a simple idea; time. We felt apart of that journey and it felt as if we had traveled through wormholes each and every shoot.

It all started with a meeting at Heine Brothers Coffee, between 4 of us creatives. Gunnar needed to create a fashion show experience unlike any other. We knew of the immediate impact and knew it would be one hell of an odyssey. 12 shoots, photography, video, lighting, numerous sets, hundreds of hours, roller blades, tons of clothing, the runway and the rendering, oh the rendering…

Man, where… where do I begin? I could write a book, but instead I’ll let you just watch and witness.

Here, Now. This is Fashion Pastiche.