Last night was legendary. Friend and photographer Josh Eskridge and I officially premiered the documentary “Exposure” to a close nit group of creative people that were involved in the project. I really didn’t watch the actual film, but rather the people watching the film and their expressions. A smile came over my face when I reminisced about my personal situation a little over a year ago and where I am now. I picked up a DSLR camera in December of 2010 and now I standing in a room full of people I consider mentors and peers of a amazingly creative industry watching a body of my work. When the final credits came on and applause reverberated throughout the room, I can’t remember a time when I’ve felt more proud of a creative endevour.

I can’t lie, at times, creating this film was stressful. Collectively between my assistant Chris and I, we shot well over 10 hours of footage. The interviews, Mahtab and the evolution of style; All of that had to be smashed into a short mini-documentary. It came down to the wire, two days before the premiere date we we’re still cutting things up and making revisions. In the end, after all the bath of ideas we feel we have created a raw, intimate and fresh behind the scenes feature. We hope to inspire not only photographers, but makeup artists, models and anyone with a creative drive.

It all started with a simple question; “Do you know anyone that shoots HD video?” and from that moment on what was a vision snowballed to a grand reality. Ever since I took sight of Josh’s work on Facebook sometime ago I’ve admired his images and consider him to be a strong inspiration in my photography. To have the opportunity to document his passion and love was an honor.