I’m super proud of how these recent shoots with model Kristine Pierson came out. It all started last weekend while shooting “The Midnight Masquerade”. I’ve always had the opportunity to shoot with Kristine for maybe minutes at a time and that's about it, so Joey Goldsmith and myself planned a special session with her. We decided on Bernheim Forest, I had never been out there so I was stoked to get out there and see all the awesome scenery it has to provide. Well, the day came and things started going wrong. I was working with only a 35mm prime lens, I forgot all my batteries and it was starting to rain. The shoot wasn't looking promising. Kristine arrived and I was depressed because I didn’t have any batteries for my speedlights, so I was going to have to shoot in natural light, but with the dreary overcast sky there was no real quality natural light. Luckily by the time the we we’re setup Joey found 4 batteries in his bag, I tried them out and they we’re good to go. The batteries in his speedlight we’re actually dead so we ended up using the one speedlight and switching off transmitters. I felt completely unprepared, but it worked out for the better, because I ended up using ONE light rather then my usual THREE speedlights. This was also the first time using my 22" Beauty Dish on location. The results we’re great, Kristine busted out some amazing expressions and I put a little vintage twist in post-production.