Now that the majority of my video sessions have been completed, I’m anxious to get back into still photography. I plan on kicking that off with my next concept “GAGA - A Portrait Series”. This concept came out of nowhere and literally just popped into my head one evening. After the idea had been planted things began to snowball into something grand.

Myself being a pretty big Lady Gaga fan always found her antics and fashion intriguing and interesting. Over the top outlandish and I love her no shame attitude. What you see is what you get and I don’t care. It's inspiring, and inspiring enough to base an entire concept around her works.

Lady Gaga is in the public eye for her music, fashion, videos and controversial lyrics, in other words she’s hot right now. So, while the time is right, lets take all of those elements of popularity, mash them up like a ball of clay and create our own piece of art! And, you better believe I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure Gaga see’s the results herself.

This is a next level step and we are going big!

Plans are in action, storyboards are being drawn up, locations are being confirmed and dates are set. I couldn’t be more excited about this concept and I have one hell of a team. Micah Ruelas is my creative director, also styling, hair and makeup. We have 6 models, 6 looks and 6 shoots, my March is shot! (No pun intended). Be on the lookout.

P.S. Stefani Germanotta is Lady Gaga’s real name.

Before I close up this post, let me give a shout out to my “Bond Girl” team. As promised, the 8x12 print below was sent out to all the exclusive team members. This concept is really what told me “Hey, I can do this”. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard on such an extreme creative work, then I did on this. I do believe hard work pays off and I couldn’t of been more happy with the results and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with such great talent.