Studio & Equipment Rental



2520 South 3rd Street, Louisville, KY 40208 #106



Equipment that is at our location includes c-stands, tripods, tether cord, tether station (includes a monitor that has HDMI plugs and cup holder), extension cords, studio lights, soft box (with or without grid), umbrellas, beauty dish, grids, snoot (add more).

The equipment listed may not be available during the time of your studio rental. Feel free to ask any questions about equipment in the message section below. Equipment does not include cameras, so please provide your own camera. 



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If you are interesting in renting the studio, below is the availability calendar and form. Plan a date, a time (start and wrap up time), and tell us a little bit about the photoshoot. Once all that information is given in the form below, feel free to ask any questions and submit your rental request. Once submitted, you will receive reply with the pricing of the space and to confirmation of your rental. 


Have a photoshoot on location? Rent some gear to bring with you. Click here to check out some gear. 

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Rental rate starts at 450 and will increase depending on the type of shoot and if it is half/full day. Rates can go up to 600 for a full day.